The essence of live

For M.

Live your life is easy to say.
But what does it mean?
Here and now but how?
Feel present moment.
Be conscious.
See the world around yourself.


I would replace it with:
Spread yourself and your ideas if they are good
Learn and teach good


Be helpful.
Enjoy the day from the wake up to fall asleep.
Leave your room, your house, your place.
Meet the other people, not only your friends.
Try to see the other people.
They always are somewhere there.
Some of them... quite close to you.
Next flat, next room, next street.
Be part of something.
It does not need to be something big.
See your advantages and work on disadvantages.
Take care about yourself, about your body, your mind and soul.

  Do exercises

Train your body.
Eat healthy food, but you don't need to abandon everything else.
Have Faith.
In yourself, in your close friends, relatives and even people you first met.
And in God.
Believe in I can do attitude. Practice it as frequent as possible.
Spend time with nature.


Try to see the world around you and notice one new thing, one idea or just a one new word a day or at least a week.
Change perspective if you cannot see anything new or anything good.
Do not forget the place where you came from and people who have made yourself as you are today.
Read books.
Be nice and gentle.
Help the weaker ones. Help the stronger. They need your help too.

  Be too

Be open. Be close.
Make mistakes. You need them and you cannot avoid them.
Try to see the future as it can possibly come and try to use it as your adventage.
Be prepared, but also be flexible, not fixed.
Leave good behind yourself, not sorrow, anger, pain or tragedy.
Remember about boomerang.
What you give is not what you get.
What you get is not what you give.
Be nice and gentle, but have bounds and do not let anybody to cross them out.
Say NO. Do not be silent.
"Milczenie jest złotem" po angielsku - in a discussion, not when someone tries to hurt you.
But you can control what you are giving and how the world affects yourself. If not... try to find someone who will help you to cope with that.
Ask for help the God but also the right people.
Think about yourself. Do not let people put in your mind idea about bad egoizm and good altruizm. You need both to keep the balance.
Have a puppy or a puppies: e.g. a cat and a dog (male and female would be the best choice).
If you meet the right person: have kids too!