About Her

Every Company is similar to the Woman.

You can see something good in her if you like.
And you can also look at her for a long time and nothing will happen if you don't.
Sometimes you are just too exhausted to see anything :)

They make us happy in a moment, later on... nothing works as before.
The sadness and boring time comes. All because of the lack of balance.
If there is too much of something or too less, it stops to be nice and fun for the eyes and ears or the other senses.

They are stable and changing.
Different colours, haircuts, clothes, perfumes, mood and emothions.
The same, but different Ones ;)

And you can deal with a few jaleous about each other, but your thoughts and heart is always with the very One - your very own!
For Her you become better and better! And this needs time, sacrifices and endurance.